Voices for Reconciliation

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Voices for Reconciliation

An original recording and concert project mixing text, songs and poems spanning 3 Millennia and drawn from different cultures, continents and epochs with a tapestry of sound woven from Classical, Contemporary and World music; the work symbolises Universal Unity; the warm embrace of multi- faith inclusivity.

Composed by Anthony & Gaynor Sadler

' And Death Shall Have No Dominion' Words by Dylan Thomas 


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There is now, more than ever, in this time of Global uncertainty and conflict, a need for Reconciliation. 

The new stage-work, ‘Voices for Reconciliation’ dealing with themes of War, Peace, Politics, Love and Loss by Composers Anthony & Gaynor Sadler is gathering momentum with stars wanting to be part of the ever-growing ground swell of ‘Voices for Reconciliation’.

Rodney Earl Clarke, renowned British Baritone and star of ‘Porgy & Bess’ and the BBC Proms, sings the role of ‘The Bard’.