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“It all started when… i tried to recite words from an old Transworld atlantic airline advert on tv and became stuck….” rodney earl clarke - singer/actor/presenter

My name is Rodney Earl Clarke and I’m a professional singer who has been classically trained in Opera and Musical Theatre and also presents on TV. Oh and I have a a stammer. For many years I have coped with my stammer and over time developed my own method of living with it. I’m keen to share this with you as I firmly believe it to be an honest alternative to fluency in communication. I’m also in a profession that has taught me how to deal with my stammer and has provided ample opportunities for me to embrace it and sort of have fun with it.

I want to take this moment to say thank you for signing up to find out more and to congratulate you on taking a bold and confident step into helping yourself or indeed those around you who are facing some challenges with their stammer in communication and fluency.

I am designing a course for all ages and stages and once you have understood the principles, you can then apply them to most of the situations you may find yourself in. Trust me, I’ve been put in a myriad of situations where I’ve had to find a way through. My desire is for you to truly feel that you are giving an honest representation of yourself whilst knowing you are in command of what you want to say and when.

Best Wishes,



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