The Life to Come

When Louis Mander and Stephen Fry set about creating this opera, Louis found himself "fired up with passionate musical ideas; arching melodies, rich harmonies and orchestral colours which arose from the highly exotic and erotic subject matter of E. M. Forster's immaculately beautiful short story The Life to Come."
Stephen describes it as "one of E M. Forster's most beguiling and brilliant short stories… It speaks of colonialism, sexuality, love and religion in unique ways."
Oslo Opera Festival and Den Norsk Opera  is proud to present the European premiere.

Musikk: Louis Mander
Libretto: Stephen Fry
Dirigent: Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl
Regissør: Einar Bjørge


Vithobai: Rodney Earl Clarke
Paul Pinmay: Ole Morten Velde / Espen Solsbak
Tregold: Dagfinn Andersen 
Verily: Stina Levvel / Maria Steinsvik
Romily: Jørgen Backer